Graphic Design (DSGN 266)

Week 6


Monday, In Person


  • Looping Projection: Select an artwork from Rhizome’s Net Art Anthology that interests you. Create a short presentation (PDF, Google Slides, DropBox Paper) that includes the following:
  1. Summary – Title of artwork and artist name, year, and medium. A few bullet points or 1-2 sentences that descrie the goals of the artwork and the format. Please also research the artist and see what other work they have done, include a sentence or two about them.
  2. Your interest in the piece – a section that visually or verbally communicates why you’re going to work with this piece for the project
  3. A few screenshots of the artwork itself
  4. A few ideas on different themes (visual or implied) that you might use to develop an animation out of. Your final draft will be a series of three animations so think through two or three ideas that could be expanded upon into three motion graphics.
    • Complete the in-class type drill and submit it on Canvas